How to pack for an Erasmus Stay

Capture d’écran 2015-04-28 à 09.52.41While packing you have to wonder what is absolutely necessary for the beginning of your stay. Most of the time you will have the possibility to buy the end of your equipment on-the-spot and it might even be cheaper!

What should be in your suitcase :

•Clothes, but not to much ! Find out about the weather tendencies of your destination and take appropriated clothes. You will have plenty of time to shop there!

•Your passeport and a copy of your passeport (that you need to leave at home in case of loss or theft

• A comfortable pair of shoes for long trips

•An adapter to connect your electronic devices (Find out about the differences)

•Your mobile phone : learn more about offers proposed by French operators to communicate from abroad. If you wish you can also terminate or suspend your phone bundle et call via free mobile applications

• Your first necessity medicine, mostly for the travel time and the first 3 days. If you are in a specific treatment (such as the pill) don’t forget to take with you enough of it for your entire stay. Take a look at the first-aid kit recommended by the Pasteur Institute.

• Sunscreen, if you have the chance to move to a sunny country

•An umbrella, if you don’t have that chance

• A travel guide and a map

•A pocket bilingual dictionary

• A bead cushion if you have a long trip. Don’t forget that no matter if you are travelling by train, by aircraft or by boat, the time runs faster if you are sleeping.

•Traditional food from your country! It will be great gifts at your arrival. If you are going to a third world country don’t forget to bring colored pencils for local kids

• Finally take some local money, in case you meet any troubles with your payment card when you arrive.

What you can buy in the spot

Most of the time people tend to take way more than what they actually need. Don’t forget that elevators won’t always be there to help you ! And why missing a shopping session on-the-spot?
We advice you to buy directly there :

•Crockery and kitschen ustensiles.

•Bath towels (one is enough when you arrive).

• Duvet covers and pillowslips. Make sure to buy them quickly , otherwise you will have to sleep under your (wet) bath towel

• Shampoo and shower gel.

•The rest of your wardrobe

Learn more aout your destination cost of living to not miss good deals

Organise your suitcase


It isn’t a good start to open you suitcase finding your phone drowned in your shampoo. Look at those tips to avoid bad surprises and prepare your luggage with calm and serenity

Store your rings in a pill organizer


Wrap a belt around the inside of your shirt collar


Some sheets of paper on the bottom of your suitcase will keep your clothes fresh


Thread your necklaces into a straw to avoid them getting matted


Muzzle your shaver with a clump to protect the blades


Place your  hair iron in a potholder


Place your cables in a  glasses box


Place your  clips into an empty candy box


Close your shampoo bottle with cellophane!


Keep your earrings together by hanging them to a button


Arrange your suitcase like a pro !

You are fighting to close your suitcase? here are some tips to fix that :

•Place your shoes in a plastic bag  and remove the maximum of air out of it

•Put your heavy staff (shoes, jean..) under your crumpable clothes

• Don’t fold your clothes but use the “sleeping-bad” method : tightly rolled clothes are less crumpable and will take less place.

•Or place your clothes in a vacuum bag (Aspirate the air from the bag thanks to a vacuum cleaner). The volume will be divided by 4 but be careful the weight will stay the same

•Wear your heaviest clothes while traveling (If it is bearable with the weather).

• Give some of your clothes to a better organized travelling  friend

•You still can’t close it ? Ok… then buy a bigger suitcase.

If you have twice as much clothes when you have to come back…

You can repatriate your luggage thanks to some contractors such as Bagages du Monde. Prices depend from the weight and the destination.

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