What to do in Paris for Halloween


The day of the dead in Paris to make fears alone or with others ? Here are some tips to enjoy the atmosphere :


🎃 Halloween at the Paris Manor 🎃

For nearly a month, the Manoir de Paris is in the frenzy of Halloween and welcomes you in an exclusive show pushes the limits of fear, with a new scenario.

Le manoir de Paris – 18 rue de Paradis 75010 paris



🎃Escape game SAW at LeavinRoom 🎃

LeavinRoom wants to play a game … and you’re here. In this dreadful world, escaping becomes a necessity. Two SAW rooms are available.

LeavinRoom – 28 bis boulevard Pereire, Paris 75017



🎃Escape game « Le​ ​Cercle​ ​d’Arcadia » chez Prizoners🎃

A “Monstrous” Giant Escape Game for Halloween ! Prizoners offers you a Giant Escape Game on the theme of black magic.
La Cartonnerie – 12 Rue Deguerry, 75011 Paris



🎃 La bête hante Grévin 🎃

Come and live a terrifying experience for some exceptional nights at Musée Grévin, the wax museum of the city of Paris.

Musée Grévin – 10, boulevard Montmartre 75009 PARIS



🎃 Fêtez Halloween au à Disneyland Paris 🎃

Halloween is in Disneyland Paris and puts its Monstrously Funny atmosphere on the park.

From October 14th to November 5th – Disneyland Paris – 77777 Marne-la-Vallée



🎃 Peur sur le parc 🎃

Asterix Park offers visitors many terrifying activities or not but always in joy and good mood. On the program, haunted houses, shows and rides for everyone.

From October 1st to 5th november – Parc Astérix – 60128 Plailly



🎃 And for the party don’t forget International Erasmus Halloween Party in Paris au GLOBO – MARDI 31 OCTOBRE 2017 🎃