These places that make us travel without leaving Paris

Au cœur de Little Jaffna

Here is one of the most unusual places of Paris, the oldest Hindu temple in France! Since its creation in 1984, the Ganesh Temple in La Chapelle has been the unavoidable gathering point for the Tamils ​​of Paris.


Temple Ganesh
17, rue Pajol – 18e

Vivre la dolce vita

Everyone wants to live the dolce vita, it’s a fact. For them, it happens avenue du Maine, a few streets away from the Montparnasse Tower. A villa dedicated to culture has grown now more than a year.


Villa Vassilieff
21, avenue du Maine – 15e

A la campagne

The gardens of the Montmartre museum are not only unknown but above all super-exotic. They have fruit trees, lilacs and rose bushes, and a view of the vineyards of Montmartre. Who has the best neighborhood?


Musée Montmartre
12-14, rue Cortot – 18e

Berlin underground

Recup Paris has given life to a military fortress abandoned around Paris to make it a unique and lasting artistic and cultural space. Workshops, bunker, exhibitions … this unusual place has enormous potential and we adore it


Fort d’Aubervilliers
174, avenue Jean-Jaurès – 93300 Aubervilliers

De l’autre côté du globe

If you want to make your friends believe that you are in Kyoto admiring the cherry blossoms, we have the perfect spot. The Albert-Kahn garden offers a luxuriant flora and a sense of perfect escape. If you go for a walk, you will find a Japanese temple, among others!


Jardin Albert-Kahn
10-14, rue du Port – 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Cap vers l’Orient

Established on 7500 m2, this place of worship knows how to make us travel: its Arabian gardens of 3500 m2 with orange trees and other delights to be seen and to taste are hidden within the enclosure of this splendid construction. Add to that its restaurant, tea room, hammam and shops, and that’s the change of scenery assured.


Grande Mosquée de Paris 
2 bis, place du Puits-de-l’Ermite – 5e

Avec les animaux exotiques

We tend to forget that the National Museum of Natural History offers us the generous zoological park of Paris! With its large rock type Lion King of 68m high, we can’t miss it. Once inside, it is also impossible to miss giraffes, lions and other incredible rare animals!


Parc Zoologique
Bois de Vincennes, avenue Daumesnil – 12e

Un aller/retour en Russie

As incredible as real, the St. Sergius Orthodox Church is a hidden wonder in the 19th Crimean Street. To have the chance to admire it, do not be afraid to go to the end of a narrow and unwelcoming alley. The game is worth the candle: inside, the murals of 1920 are splendid!


Eglise Saint-Serge
93, rue de Crimée – 19e

Welcome to the jungle

Armed with a hatchet, we dig into the infernal valley and tropical of the greenhouses of Auteuil, to the discovery of the plants and flowers that grow where the cold does not prevent you from get out of bed in the morning. The tropical greenhouses of Paris offer a little change of scenery that does not hurt.


Serres d’Auteuil
3, avenue de la Porte d’Auteuil – 16e


Source: Le Bonbon