Best Rooftops in Paris


Capture d’écran 2015-04-28 à 16.33.27There are always more rooftops in Paris, and as soon as the sun starts shinning they are invaded ! Most of the time they offer different services : have a drink, dance or just chill. They give you a world domination feeling.

1. Nüba (The dancing one)



Le Nüba opens at 7 pm. After the stairs you will find a small piece of paradise. Upstairs you have a great view on the Seine and around you tables, seats, friends and fruity cocktails. The  DJ electro sound is perfectly combined with the Parisian breeze. The sun disappears, the music hits you in a perfect symbiosis and you are dancing all night long until the  sun rises again. NBA is like a dream.

Le Nüba
Free Entrance
noon- 3 pm et 7 pm- 6am
36, quai d’Austerlitz – 75013
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2. Mama Shelter (The chilling one)



This rooftop has been designed by thé great Philippe Starck . There you will enjoy your friends, hammocks, ping-pong tables and forget about anything else. What else? Dont such, nothing.

Mama Shelter
Only wit reservation
109, rue de Bagnolet – 75020
Site internet

3. Le Georges (The one to with your future girl/boy friend)



We always say that Paris is even more beautiful by night, and Georges is the best place to admire Paris by night with your future lover – he/she won’t be able to say no.
On the top of the Centre Pompidou Georges offers a great cuisine and perfect view when the night falls

Le Georges
noon- 2am
19, rue Beaubourg – 75004
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4. La terrasse du Cinéma de l’Etoile des Lilas (The natural one)



A magical place is hidden on the roof of the cinema l’Etoile des Lilas : you will have the feeling top be in the countryside : trees, cool atmosphere, smiling people sitting on the ground. They look like they don’t care and only want to enjoy the present and the drinks and cuisine of the place !

La terrasse du Cinéma de l’Etoile des Lilas
11 am- 9 pm
Place du Maquis du Vercors – 75020 Paris
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5. Le Perchoir (The shy one)



A new one, a bit hidden so you might not find it the first time but it worth it ! When the elevator doors you will enjoy a breathtaking view. The place is very hype with cool waiters, teepees, couches everywhere. There are also plaids and hot chocolates for the skittish

Le Perchoir
4 pm – 1 am
14, rue Crespin du Gast – 75011
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6. The terrace from the Raphaël Hotel (The one that is friend with the Eiffel tower)



One of the nearest from the Eiffel Tower rooftop… but it has a price ! The hanging garden and the delicious meals worth it

L’Hotel Raphaël
17, avenue Kléber – 75116
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7. Deli-cieux (The one to stop shopping)



A quiet break, while shopping in the crowd at Le Printemps : you can see the Opéra Garnier, the Madeleine or even the Grand Palais.

64, boulevard Haussmann – 75009

8. Zyriab by Noura (The one to travel)



The Zyriab is at he top of the Arabic institute? This is a heaven of piece where you will enjoy mint tea and Lebanese specialties. The menu will take you to Liban. Through the by Jean Nouvel designed Bay windows you will see  Notre-Dame

Zyriba by Noura
noon -midnight
1, rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard – 75005
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9. Le 43 Up On the Roof (The fresh and fruity one, with or without alcool) 



Your are looking for the summer secret ? A terrace, a bar, great cocktails and a panoramic view on Paris.
43 Up On the Roof
4, rue Danton – 75006
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Via Le Bonbon