The 7 weirdest things about British culture

1. So many smokers!

I guess one of the most successful industries in Britain must be the tobacco industry, as there are about 10 million adult cigarette smokers in Great Britain and about 15 million ex-smokers (source).

2. Extremely long meals

One weird thing about British culture is how long they take to have dinner – with all the gaps, formalities and talking about important matters. A formal English dinner consists of a number of courses.

3. Fire exits everywhere

England is a very safe country to live in owing to all the safety measures we have to follow. Still, it takes a little while to stop noticing the fire exit signs on each door.

4. Disability friendly

It’s nice of the British people to pay so much attention and provision to the elderly and less fortunate. Disabled people can move about and do most things on their own easily in the UK, which is beyond imagination in most of the other countries.

5. Rules, rules and more rules

The UK is amazingly peaceful. All you see is normal people doing normal stuff, no one covering their faces or carrying anything suspicious, and all thanks goes to the long list of laws.

6. Call everyone by their first names?

Life gets very weird when you have to change the way you address others.

7. I am wrong and they say sorry

English people love saying sorry. This is so genuinely polite that it may make you feel really embarrassed if the fault is yours.

Source: pestalozzi