You’ll never hear the Royal family say these words

Specifically, there are certain words Kate, Will, the Queen, Prince Charles and co. NEVER use – and here they are.

1. Pardon

We’d always thought ‘pardon’ was more polite than the alternatives.

Not being royal, however, we were wrong.

‘Pardon’, Mamamia reveals, is forbidden to use.

Instead, if you haven’t heard what the Duke of Edinburgh has just said to you, you should say ‘sorry?’ or even ‘sorry, what?’


2. Toilet

The word ‘toilet’ may be a more palatable term than ‘bog’ or ‘loo’, but it’s the latter which is used whenever a member of the House of Windsor needs to relieve themselves.

‘Toilet’ is French by origin, so is apparently avoided.

So, if you’re ever wandering the vast corridors in Buckingham Palace, desperate for a tinkle, ask the nearest footman where the LOO is.


3. Perfume

Complimenting someone on how they smell is a tricky one. It’s a fine line between coming across simply as nice, or just plain creepy .

Unfortunately, the Royal’s preferred word for perfume won’t help.

The Royals don’t wear perfume. They wear scent.

Sadly, “I like your scent” will always sound creepy. Fact.


4. Tea

According to Kate Fox, one surefire way of outing yourself as being decidedly un-royal is to refer to your evening meal as ‘tea’.

If you do want to convince her you’re blue blooded, invite the Queen around for ‘dinner’ or ‘supper’.

She probably won’t come, but at least she’ll know to which meal you’re refering.


5. Lounge

The palaces have many rooms, but not one of them is a lounge, nor a living room.

This isn’t because the Royals aren’t permitted a space to watch Hollyoaks or play Cards Against Humanity.

Instead, it’s because they retire to either a ‘drawing room’ or ‘sitting room’.


6. Posh

The first rule of being posh? You never refer to someone – or yourself – as being posh.

According to Kate, you’re ‘smart’.


Source: MIRROR