8 effective ways to improve your brain power

1.Avoid alcohol and tobacco


Alcohol causes irrevocable damage to the brain. It reduces the growth factor that controls the development, maturation and survival of neurons as well as the formation of synapses.


Chronic smoking would promote brain decline. The presence of thousands of chemicals in cigarettes could also have an impact on the brain.

2.Eat healthy


The brain must be well fed to function well. That means that we should limit sugar and focus on healthy food.

3.Do mental and physical exercises


People who speak two or more languages have more gray matter in certain areas of the brain. Therefore, it is pointed out to learn another language and to read a lot.


Exercises are beneficial to the body and to the mind. Researchers found out that people who regularly practice a sport have a brain that works better than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

4.Limit overexposure to television, smartphones, and computers


More and more connected and less and less attentive! The more we use new technologies, the more our cognitive abilities of attention, memorization or reasoning diminish – to the detriment of emotional reactions.

5.Listen to classical music


Classical music allows the brain to structure itself. According to Finnish scientists from the University of Helsinki, that type of music can slow the onset of dementia. People who listen to Mozart experience an increase in the activity of genes located in the brain areas inherent in memory and learning.

6.Get out regularly into free nature


Nothing better than to forget about the smartphones and walk in the nature. Scenes of tranquility can influence us biologically. If you want to improve the creativity of your brain, it might also be useful to go hiking.

7.Sleep well


While we are sleeping our brain makes the most new neuronal connections. During our sleep our body does not only eliminate waste nerve cells from the brain, but it also optimizes many processes in the body.



Researchers have discovered that meditation and positive thinking can produce long-term changes in the brain and thus lead to the development of positive traits.

Source: Epoch Times