5 great reasons to do an internship abroad

1.The language level:

This is of course the main reason why students choose to go abroad. You discover the world of work and improve your English during a professional activity. Moreover, starting an internship abroad ensures you discover a specific vocabulary in a sector of activity that you will not necessarily have learned outside the professional framework.

2.The open-mindedness:

A stay abroad in total immersion is the best way to open up to others and a new culture. An internship abroad will also denote your propensity to adapt to a new professional environment.

3.The maturity:

To go abroad means also to leave the comfort zone and to accept the constraints of everyday life in an environment that you haven’t been used to. You will undoubtedly gain in maturity.

4.The professional experience and boosting of CV:

To be honest, an experience abroad in a resume will have more value in your job research against another candidate and can justify your language level. Recruiters are particularly interested in people who have chosen to go abroad for some time, since this shows, beyond the linguistic and professional aspect, a certain autonomy and a taste for “challenges”.

5.Go on holiday:

You do not know it yet, but even if you leave to work, you will still feel like you are on vacation. Because yes, doing an internship abroad is also the liberty of saying that if it does not go well, you can always go home. Also, the evenings and weekends are still yours and you will have the opportunity to discover the country and enjoy it.