Fondue recipes in France and around the world

A “fondue” is a specialty that involves “dipping food in hot liquid”. It is very vast and so, every region in France and in the world has delivered its interpretation of this dish by definition festive. Small selection of the best known:

The Fondue savoyarde

The cheese fondue which mixes beaufort, comté and emmental or gruyère of Savoie and which smells a little white wine. The MUST of fondues for the chauvinists we are 😉


The Fondue fribourgeoise

The fondue for the purists without mixing cheeses with only vacherin fribourgeois, and you never boil, NEVER! With that, bread, potatoes for those who want fancy, and that’s all.


The Fondue bourguignonne

Original Swiss dish with Charolais meat, boiling oil and here you go. It’s not hyper subtle, but it’s festive. 


Huoguo, The chinese Fondue 

The Huoguo (literally « fire » « pot ») is the simplest dish in the world: boiling water (more or less spiced according to the region), plates filled with raw meat, vegetables and mushrooms, and the party can begin.

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The Fondue vigneronne

Alsatian dish, the fondue vigneronne is a fondue where meat, seafood and vegetables are dipped in boiling white wine to be cooked before being tasted.


The Fondue Bacchus

Red wine fondue prepared with spiced red wine and accompanied by a wine-colored sauce beaten up like a mayonnaise. Know that hot wine is more digestible than oil.

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Sukiyaki, the japonese Fondue 

It’s a nabemono, a kind of fondue (or stew), close to the shabu-shabu. Beef and raw vegetables are cooked with a warishita sauce, consisting of mirinsakeshoyu and sucre.


The Fondue bressane

Also called fondue paysanne, it is basically a fondue bourguignonne based on poultry with chicken brushed with egg yolk and covered with breadcrumbs. A kind of KFC terroir.


The Fondue normande

Instead of using hard cheeses, the Normans use soft cheeses from Normandy, such as camembert, pont-l’évêque and livarot. Sensitive people, be careful 😉

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