The list of our free pleasures in Paris

In Paris, city of art, light, culture, gastronomy and so on, activities do not lack but often require to have a wallet full of money. What if we were told that there are little tricks to make the best of Paris without spending a single penny? Come on, follow us, we’ll list our little free pleasures!


One does not often think of it and yet, today the City of Paris offers more than 260 places benefiting from a free connection, including all the libraries of the city as well as many parks and gardens. To access it nothing more simple, one connects to the network PARIS_WIFI_, one fills a form, and let’s go!



So, of course, we do not speak here of starred restaurants, but friendly dishes offered regularly in some bars / restaurants in Paris to accompany your drink. Example? The famous couscous of the Tribal Café on Fridays, or the dish of mussels of the Bouillon Belge on Wednesdays.



Good to know when the throat is dry and you have not thought of bringing your bottle of water with you: Paris has nearly 260 drinking water fountains, distributed throughout the capital. And for those who are rather sparkling water, it also works, since there are 6 fountains of sparkling water self-service: on the banks of the Seine (7th), the garden of Reuilly (12th), the seat of Water Paris (13th), André-Citroën Park (15th), Martin-Luther-King Park (17th) and the Jardin d’Eole (18th).



We hear you complaining that the exhibitions is good, but it’s expensive… No more excuse! Know that every first Sunday of the month, some museums open their doors to the public, such as the Musée d’Orsay, the Museum of Modern Art or the Centre Pompidou. If you are under 26, fill up on culture, since most of the most beautiful museums in the capital are free for you: the Louvre, the Quai Branly Museum, the Rodin Museum… As for the permanent collections of the museums of the City of Paris, it is very simple, they are always free, and this whatever your age!



As for the exhibitions, if you have a sudden desire for culture but not a dime, know that some conferences are free in Paris: the history courses of the Ecole du Louvre for example, free access all Friday evenings from November to April; The café-philo of the Café des Phares, every Sunday from 10:30 to 12:15; or some courses and seminars of the Collège de France. And for those who prefer to keep their hands busy rather than tweaking their brains, know that the City council of Paris proposes, in association with the French Federation of Food, free cooking courses in the Parisian markets. Please note, registration is required!



Yes, another little pleasure of Paris is the view from the roofs … except that it is rare to have a friend who has a rooftop with a view of all Paris. The solution to benefit from a veritable feast for the eyes without paying an exorbitant price for our drink is rooftops free access, like those of the Department stores in Paris. The 8th floor of the Galeries Lafayette for example, or the rooftop of the Printemps, just across the street.



If you are in the category of “I am too old to be a student but not enough to be senior”, which implies the majority of us, to go to the moovie in Paris can quickly return expensive. But fortunately, there are many festivals that come back every year, where the projections are open access. Outdoor cinema Cinéma en Plein Air or Cinema Au Clair de Lune in summer, Silhouette at the Buttes-Chaumont at the beginning of September, Les Canotiers at Ménilmontant at the beginning of June… The most original still remains the Cinema Péniche, which organizes free screenings on the Canal de l’Ourcq every week.


Source : Le Bonbon