A book devoted to “Erasmus life seen from the inside”

It is ” without taboo ” that Jordan Goulet approaches the Erasmus program in his book “Life Erasmus seen from the inside”. This guide ” for students, their families and the curious ” is both practical and rich in testimonies, Jordan being able to draw on his own experience in Finland allied to the ones of other students.

The Erasmus program has an international reputation, but is actually little known by the entire population. It has the particularity of having many criteria in common in all the countries of Europe. This book will endeavor to present you all the elements of the Erasmus adventure, from the preparations for the student and his parents, to the consequences that the stay abroad will have on your future. This does not forget technical elements such as subsidies or administrative acts. It also presents the events that happen in the life of an Erasmus, its feelings during a long stay, while answering the many questions surrounding such a unique journey.

This book is meant to answer all the questions that a student contemplating such a stay abroad can ask: ” There are already some books on Erasmus, but they are either very academic or about the history of the program. They do not really tell what’s going on. I even say things that parents do not want to know! It’s realism. “

More than a guide, this book is a real immersion behind the scenes of international studies presented frankly by an authentic Erasmus. He is already preparing a second book that will be devoted to ” the post-Erasmus “.



” Erasmus life from the inside “, available on the website of the publisher Edition du Net in paper version (16 €) and in digital version (7,99 €).