What are the differences between Erasmus and Erasmus+ ?

generatiuon erasmus


As you may know, on January 1st 2014, the European Commission launched the new Erasmus + program. Before, there were several programs and not only Erasmus…

The Erasmus+ program isn’t only an “improved Erasmus” but the addition of 2 programs from the European Commission : The Lifelong learning program and the “Youth in Action” program. Until 2013 the Lifelong learning program included, alone : Comenius (for scholar education), Leonardo da Vinci (for professional formation), Grundtvig (for adult education) and… Erasmus (for higher education)

Consequently Erasmus + goes far beyond the older Erasmus program. There are several evolutions. Erasmus offers the same possibilities but with new advantageous modalities : you can now do several erasmus (study + work placement)

Consult the génération erasmus website (http://www.generation-erasmus.fr/etudiants/avant-de-partir/) to know more.

But that’s not it :

First innovation : International mobilities. You can now go outside Europa ! You can only go in universities that have a partnership with your university.

Second innovation : the young graduated can also enjoy Erasmus +. If you graduated this year your university will give you a training agreement and a scholarship to make an internship abroad. Pas belle la vie !

If you still don’t get the differences between  Erasmus and Erasmus+…

Via Génération Erasmus