Signs showing that you did an Erasmus !

Ahhhhhh Erasmus, the possibility to discover an new country,

a new city, a new culture thanks to your university.

Those are the signs proving that you spent 

an Erasmus semester abroad :

1 – You remember arriving alone in a city where

you knew nobody and you were stressed

2 – You mad new friends very quickly

3 – Those friends came from all over the world.

As a result you’ve already planed your holiday for the next 5 years

Because we Erasmus you make new international friends

that will be please to welcome you anytime

 4 – You have forgotten the studying part of Erasmus

You only remember the party and tourism parts

5 – You’re return home was the most difficult moment of

your entire life. Nobody understood you expect for

your friends that also experiences an Erasmus

6 – As a result you plan parties between “Erasmus”  

to share memories and your favorite movie is

L’auberge espagnole